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Company Profile - Transformer Disposal Experts

EPS TransformerEnvironmental Protection Services (EPS) was founded in 1989 after a year of planning and reviewing possible locations around the country for facility construction.  What initially attracted the attention of the founders is that 50% of the population base is located within 500 miles of Wheeling, WV.  In 1991 EPS added it's first expansion and completed a second expansion in 2000.  The company was founded because generators of electrical equipment needed a cost-effective solution for recycling their used transformers while properly handling the liability risks associated with transformer oil.  As the company grew, the leadership of EPS has expanded the PCB services in many areas.

When equipment is loaded on a truck at the customer's site, a barcode tag is placed on each item.  Using this tag and a set of barcode readers throughout the facility, EPS is able to track each item through the disposal process.  Detailed records are kept for each piece of equipment as it progresses through the facility.  All of this data is gathered electronically for permanent record keeping.

All non-PCB and PCB-Contaminated equipment for disposal is loaded into EPS's custom designed multi-chamber furnaces.  All PCB equipment proceeds through a rinse process first before going to the furnace.  This furnace process guarantees that all recycled material is non-detectable before leaving our facility.  EPS has the largest incineration capacity in the nation that meets EPA regulations 40CFR761.72.  All oil from equipment that is less than 50 ppm PCB is detoxified under our US EPA permit to treat PCB oil. 

From shipping to processing, every step of the EPS process is handled in an environmentally sound manner, with no risk of air or groundwater contamination.  No material is ever stored outside.  EPS provides a fully documented "Cradle-to-Grave" disposal process.  After the removal of all PCBs, a Certificate of Disposal is issued for each piece of equipment and for the oil.  This CD assures our customer that Environmental Protection Services has safely disposed of their waste product and their liability.