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Transformer and Oil Disposal and Recycling

Environmental Protection Services Environmental Protection Services specializes in the disposal and recycling of transformers and electrical equipment. EPS also offers the service of recycling used transformer oil and resells that oil as a blend grade or a transformer grade oil.

EPS can accept equipment and oil with any PCB level. For many years EPS has led the industry for removing the liability associated with disposal of electrical equipment and dielectric fluid. PCB transformers, PCB oil, as well as Non-PCB equipment are all safely disposed of and recycled. Non-PCB and PCB-Contaminated equipment is disposed of through EPS's custom designed furnace, which is the largest in the United States.

FacilityEPS has a PCB oil disposal permit issued from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This permit allows us to recycle oil contaminated with PCBs up to 14,499 ppm PCB. After we chemically remove the PCBs from the oil through the PCBX process, we resell the oil back to the market as a blend grade and/or a transformer grade. EPS's sister company, Power Substation Services, also uses the PCBX process in the field to eliminate PCB's from the oil of energized transformers.  More information regarding this process and the operation can be found on the Oil Recycling page of this site.

Using the PCBX system to recycle oil that otherwise would need to be incinerated, EPS can generate and sell carbon credits.  These can be used by other companies to offset their carbon emmissions.

EPS also has an EPA PCB commercial storage permit that allows us to bulk waste from small quantity generators for shipment for proper disposal. This feature saves our customers money while knowing that their liability is being handled properly.

Whether it's dismantling your substation equipment, scheduling rolloffs from an oil spill, recycling used transformer oil or disposing and recycling of your failed transformers, please contact EPS to learn how we can help you!