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Recycled Transformer Mineral Oil Oil cleaned


Each year, EPS chemically treats and refines over 2,000,000 gallons of transformer oil at our facility along with other satellite facilities in the United States. The refining process removes harmful contaminants such as water and acids from the oil. After the oil has been processed EPS sells it back on the market to industrial and utility customers.

Industrial customers typically purchase the Quality Blend oil that can be used in a wide varity of applications. Utilities can purchase Trans-X oil for use in transformers and other electrical equipment.

Our Trans-X oil performs well in high voltage applications and is an excellent dielectric fluid in transformers and other electrical equipment. Trans-X oil offers significant price savings over virgin oil without sacrificing the performance of the oil.

Our Quality Blend is used in a variety of different applications and also is sold at a reduced cost when compared to virgin oil.

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Quality Blend SpecificationsQuality Blend MSDS