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Substation Transformer Dismantling and Recycling

Dismantling ServicesEnvironmental Protection Services is able to offer utility and industrial customers money to remove and recycle substation transformers. This is due to the current values of the various commodities contained in transformers. These recyclable commodities can include copper, aluminum, mineral oil and core steel.

In addition to recycling substation transformers EPS can also remove and recycle many other types of substation equipment. These items may include oil circuit breakers, potential and current transformers, voltage regulators, switches, etc.

EPS dispatches crews all over the United States to remove equipment from substations and industrial facilities. In many cases these units need to be dismantled or at least prepared for shipment due to the dimensions or weight of the units.

CoreEPS’s experienced crews are performing field teardown projects at customer facilities and substations throughout the year and can handle any job no matter how large or small. In fact, EPS has dismantled the two largest transformers ever installed in the United States at 2 million pound each.

Because of the environmental and safety risks, on-site work requires professionals that have the experience and knowledge to get the work done in an appropriate manner. EPS has procedures and policies in place for our field crews to ensure that all risks are minimized, freeing the customer from liability worries.