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Electrical Equipment Disposal and Recycling

Disposal ServicesNon-PCB and PCB-Contaminated transformers are disposed and recycled through EPS's custom designed furnaces. EPS has the largest incineration capacity in the nation for processing transformers, circuit breakers, switches, bushings, voltage regulators, reclosers and gas pipe. The furnace system destroys the PCBs and protects the liability of our customers. This system also allows for the metals to be decomtaminated and recycled as scrap material. In addition, oil from equipment that is contaminated with PCBs less than 50 ppm PCBs is incinerated in the EPS afterburner.

At the request of the EPA, EPS submitted test data to the EPA to assist them in drafting new furnace regulations. CoreUnder the MegaRule, the EPA implemented new regulations to burn PCB- Contaminated electrical equipment. EPS easily met EPA requirements and guarantees that harmful PCBs, dioxins and furans are not released into the atmosphere.

Since 1989 EPS has been assisting our customers by disposing of their retired and failed electrical equipment at competitive rates while also removing the future liabilities that can be associated with used electrical equipment.