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PCB Transformer and Equipment Disposal

PCB Transformers and other PCB equipment are processed by our unique disposal method that complies with EPA 40CFR761.79. EPS developed a two-stage recovery process to help protect the liability of our customers. The first stage is a rinse process, and the second stage is incineration through the EPS furnace. This protects the liability of EPS and our customers and ensures all material that leaves our facility has non-detectable levels of PCBs.

PCB EquipmentThe advantage of the EPS method is that no toxic RCRA chemicals are used for the decontaminations process. This further reduces your liability risk. The hydrocarbon solvent used for the transformer decontamination is recycled through our PCBXSM process and re-used for the next rinse batch.

Because of our PCB Commercial Storage Permit, EPS also offers landfill disposal for waste generated from PCB oil spills. Thus, EPS can handle all disposal needs, regardless of the PCB level.