Cypress Doors: Excellent Workmanship By Experts In Antique Building Materials

You can get some quality wood doors from wood that comes from the alluvial basins and forests that were undisturbed for thousands of years and resulted in giving these Heart Cypress trees the opportunity to grow as much as 80 to 150 feet with diameters that were as large as 15 feet. The cypress tree produces oil known as cypressine that acts as the woods’ natural preservative. The preservation characteristic of the Southern Cypress tree makes the wood durable and extremely resistant to fungus,Cypress Doors: Excellent Workmanship By Experts In Antique Building Materials Articles insects, and harsh weather conditions.

This ancient redwood of the west contains a unique grain pattern, excellent rot-resistance, and beautiful coloration. Cypress wood is often referred to as “Wood Eternal” and wood workers and craftsmen worldwide have revered it more than a hundred years due to:

The wood’s excellent work-ability- Cypress wood is easy to nail, saw, and cut in addition to being resistant of warping, splitting, cracking, splintering, and checking. This wood also easily accepts stains and paints and works well with power and hand tools.

Very durable wood- The wood is medium textured, has few knots, lightweight, and dimensionally stable in addition to having a closed straight grain. This wood is a plus for exterior applications.

Very versatile- This wood also goes well in interior applications and is well liked by designers, architect, and homeowners. In addition to using the wood for cypress doors, additional applications may include, exposed beams, millwork, stairs, flooring and more. When this wood is used in interior application, it usually encompasses yellow tones with olive, chocolate, and reddish hues.

Cypress doors will compliment any exterior, interior, or entryway, and using the experts that have many years of experience reclaiming antique lumber from historic restorations, businesses, homes and more will answer all your needs for natural beauty in quality woodwork. These professionals will use solid materials and old world craftsmanship to design the custom wood door of your dreams.

There have been a lot of names for cypress such as Gulf, Louisiana, Tidewater Red, Swamp cypress and Bald Cypress. The term “bald” was given because the tree has needle like leaves that in the winter, shed. The bald cypress is known for its significant merchantable yields and the fact that it isĀ odorless wood.

If you want a very beautiful and long lasting wood door, use the professionals in antique wood restoration to design the door for you. Professionals who have a history creating beautiful cypress doors can be your one stop shop for many of your woodworking needs. When your custom wood doors are made of cypress wood, you know you are getting beautiful and reliable wood that will last generations to come.

Don’t waste a minute longer looking at your drab, discolored, and cracked door; contact the professional in antique wood restorations so you can get information such as pricing, shipping, size, and dimension information. Professionals that provide services in woodworking products, you can provide you with prompt personal service, quality guarantees, varieties in widths and lengths, free samples, professional packing, and inexpensive insured delivery within the United States. Contact the antique building materials specialists so they can create a masterpiece in door design you always wanted.