Interventional Cardiologist In Kolkata Performs Complicated Surgeries

The interventional cardiology is one specific field which some of the cardiologist specialize in. If you are gaining knowledge about it,Interventional Cardiologist In Kolkata Performs Complicated Surgeries Articles the risk of minimizing the chances of heart attack increases. The catheters are usually used in this procedure which helps in the prevention of heart problems especially after the patient has stopped consuming medicines. The patient is also advised not to take any heavy workload before a major surgery. Thus, these kinds of specialist heart doctors often regarded somewhat between a cardiologist and a heart surgeon. It is also suggested to the people that they should not take even a mild chest pain lightly because it can be the beginning of a complicated heart disease which can be avoided.

Interventional Cardiology Surgeries

The interventional cardiologist in Kolkata has to perform different kinds of surgeries which is categorized within this specific field. The use of catheter is common in this procedure and the device is threaded into the body towards the heart to make the condition better. Some common surgical procedures which are classified into this category include Angioplasty, Valvuloplasty, Congenital heart defect correction and Coronary thrombectomies. However, before that the cardiac specialist Kolkata will try to cure the problem through medications and also advice the patient to bring a change in his lifestyle. For instance, if he is addicted to smoking, then he must quit it on immediate basis or else the benefit of medicines will all go into vain. Apart from that he must also has to control the level of cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

Angioplasty And Valvuloplasty

An angioplasty is very common when it comes to treating the cardiac disorders. However, the Famous cardiologist in Kolkata will only take the final decision on whether you are a suitable candidate for it or not. Angioplasty helps in the treatment of coronary artery disease by inserting a catheter into the vein. The catheter becomes a balloon which is inflated in the end to remove any kind of heart blockage if any. A Valvuloplasty is quite similar to that of angioplasty. The δομικές καρδιοπάθειες only difference is that the balloon helps in widening the valve instead of artery. The most common types of valvuloplasties include Aortic and Mitral. According to the best heart specialist Kolkata some people are born with the congenital heart defects which needs timely treatment. The flow of the blood is obstructed with needs to be removed by using the catheter.

Need Of Specialized Surgeons

Interventional cardiology is a very complicated procedure and thus it requires specialized heart surgeons to perform the surgical procedure. The primary cardiologist might deal with some of the heart disorders, but if the person requires any specific treatment, they can opt for interventional treatment. The surgeons also tend to perform operations for Coronary thrombectomies when there is a clot of blood in the heart. However, it is always the last option when all the other alternatives fail to produce the desired result. The interventional cardiologist in Kolkata believes that interventional surgery involves less risk and has a faster recovery time.